Founded in June of 2016, MT ARMS acquired the Federal Firearms and SOT (Special Occupational Tax) Licenses and began operating as a home-based business.  We soon realized that in order to effectively serve local law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts, we would need to expand.  On November 1st, 2017, we relocated to a new, full-scale storefront, expanded operations and began developing our own line of proprietary tactical accessories. We are active, retired or former military, law enforcement and corrections officers, so we know the business and the needs of who we serve.


We're an intense team, passionate about serving those in the business of protecting others.  Our values are deeply rooted in law enforcement, corrections, and the military.  We're dealers of top industry brands, we train & educate the local communities we serve, and we create situation-specific tactical equipment and training that solves critical problems.  


Our first-ever proprietary tactical accessory—the MTA Tactical Arms Locker —solves a substantial and widespread problem within the law enforcement and tactical community.  A custom-fit firearm retention device that conveniently secures an officer’s primary, less-lethal, or breaching firearm.  During a tense, uncertain, or rapidly-evolving situation, our officers can use their hands and equipment as needed; while having instant access to their firearm.